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New Office Building

2017-10-14 10:38:01

JIELI start to use the new office building and technology test center.

Laizhou Jieli office building and technology test center total construction area of 5800 square meters.

Office building 3600 square meters, six floors design. The main functions are to improve the company’s office environment, the reception of guests home and abroad, and to meet the needs of meeting, training, learning and so on.


The technology test center building covers an area of 2200 square meters and is designed on six floors. Its main function is to meet the comprehensive needs of the company in technical research, catering and accommodation etc.

Laizhou JieLi Industrial Co., Ltd is committed to the strategic goal of “creating a first-class brand and building a century-JIELI”. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, it has created an excellent production and living environment, first-class manufacturing equipment, standardized testing and inspection methods, and advanced electronic management system, and perfect quality assurance system. It has created a solid platform for the production of high quality products.