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PVC corrugated roofing sheet

PVC corrugated roofing sheet is made from PVC material with single layer design. It has different shapes and good performance of heat insulation, sound absorption and corrosion resistance. PVC corrugated roofing sheet have been the best alternative of traditional steel roofing material. It is suitable for animal confinement buildings (cowsheds, stables, pigsties...), the fumes of animal wastes are very corrosive...


• Environment friendly and energy saving
• Load bearing
• Sound absorption and heat insulation
• Stable volume
• Corrosion resistance
• Good water resistance
• Impact resistance and low temperature resistance
• Light weight
• Difficult to be burned


PVC corrugated roofing sheet are widely used in industrial and commercial buildings, like the roof and wall cladding of  factory, warehouse, farm etc...




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